Hippie subculture’s love for music


“The one who loves everyone without any preconception is a Hippie. He embraces his life to the fullest and sticks up for what he believes in, no matter what. He questions racism and sexual stereotypes. He wants the world to be a better place and craves for universal peace and harmony. He encourages a good change, self-confidence, and individual pride. He is not just a pothead or a druggie with dreadlocks and psychedelic colours. He is a wonderful person.”

Hippie subculture began in North America and Western Europe during the 1960’s. The youth hippie movement started in many universities in the US and spread to other places. They were influenced by eastern culture, mostly Indian. They started understanding spirituality and practiced yoga and meditation.They were eco-friendly and mostly vegetarians. They also inherited some of the bohemian traditions. They became an established social group in 1965. They opposed nuclear weapons and Vietnam War during that time.

Nuclear disarmament symbol, the CND symbol, and the peace sign. 

Hippie culture spread across the world through music, literature and art. There was a fusion of rock, folk, blues, and many more genres of music. They expressed their opinions, raised their voice and protested against the ones who tried to take their freedom away, through MUSIC. Hence music became an integral part of hippie life. Public gatherings, communal living and music festivals were their way of protesting.

Hippies promoted the recreational use of drugs like Marijuana and LSD so as to expand their consciousness. Marijuana and LSD affect listening to music in an extremely powerful way. While listening to music on LSD, the feeling of natural flow of euphoria and comfort builds within oneself. And that is all that it is about, euphoria. Music becomes incredibly intense and alive. The 1969 Woodstock festival is an important event in hippie culture. More than 500,000 fans celebrated love, peace and music at Woodstock.

I am listing below some of the all-time favourite Hippie bands and artists. Listen to them. Enjoy some good music.

  1. The Beatles
  2. The Grateful Dead
  3. Jefferson Airplane
  4. Moby Grape
  5. Santana
  6. Creedence and clear water
  7. Bob Dylan
  8. The Doors
  9. The Mamas and Papas
  10. Jimi Hendrix
  11. Neil Young
  12. John Lennon

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