The Classic Rock Era

Discussing their music is the best way to honour an artist. 1940’s was the time when the so called Rock and Roll or rock ‘n’ roll originated and evolved in the US. Here in my blog all I’m gonna discuss is music from the classic era.

Well, the Classic Rock started with The Beatles and ended with Nirvana. It is in a radio format which developed from the album-oriented rock back in 1940’s. CR became widely popular in 1950’s.

Rock and metal were also called the devil’s music because children would dress and act weird under this music’s influence which terrified the parents. But music is a glue that is believed to be created to bring people together.

Rock and roll music evolved from different genres. It is a combination of rhythm, instruments, vocals and attitude. Over the time there was a consistent improvement in these platforms which enhanced this music we love.

I’m blogging to betalk the musicians, their music, their lifestyle and different genres of classic rock music that evolved.


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